Should Students Play Competitive Sports?



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Mostly Pro

What Are the Benefits of Competitive Sports for Youth?


Pros and Cons of Sports Competition at the High School Level
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Sports Promote Healthy Weight in Teenagers
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The Benefits of Sports Aren't Just Physical


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Don't Let Fear of Concussions Ruin Sports for Kids
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Mostly Con

Study: No Helmet Brand Can Save Football Players from Concussion Risk
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Heads Up for Dangerous Football Hits, Athletic Trainers Warn
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Post-Concussion Return to Learning Also a Tough Decision
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Sports Injury Statistics
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How Can Coaches Handle Tryouts and Cuts?
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The Case Against Competition


For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point
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For Children, Pressure vs. Fun in Sports is Balancing Act


Facts for Families: Children and Sports



Competitive Sports--News Segment
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The Benefits of Competitive Sports for Kids -- Natalie Hawkins
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