Unit 5

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12    3         
4    5          6


  1. Aunt Mavis _____ finished knitting me a purple scarf.
  2. All of the happy _____ threw their caps in the air after the ceremony.
  3. The country club is very _____ and only allows rich people to join.
  4. We were happy with Nate's _____ as he learned how to play the tuba.
  5. Ever since being stuck in an elevator, Suzie has been very _____.
  6. The movie star _____ herself from the press and photographers.


  1. The bankers sent Nell a letter saying they were _____ on her home.
  2. The _____ that the group was releasing a new CD caused a sensation.
  3. Kathy is the type of person who likes to _____ from the topic of the conversation to talk about herself.
  4. When you go camping, you should try and bring items that are _____.
  5. I was afraid my guitar playing might _____ if I didn't keep practicing.
  6. Mr. Smith is a _____ who lives in a cabin near the lake.

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