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Letter to My Students

Welcome to seventh grade English. This is my twenty-fourth year teaching English at Benicia Middle School. Even though I have been teaching for thirty-two years, I learn new things all the time. Thatís one of the best things about teaching -- being able to share what I learn with my students.

In my class, effort leads to success. Every day in class is a new day-- a new chance to do your best and learn all that you can. I hope youíll visit this website throughout the year. You will find the daily agendas, links to your grades, worksheets and hand-outs, vocabulary words, and lots more. If you have any questions about your class work or your grades or any other concerns, you can send me an e-mail at: OR I am looking forward to an enjoyable, productive, and challenging year with you. Please donít hesitate to ask me for help anytime.

Mrs. Hatzigeorgiou


All assignments receive points. The points are converted to percentages.

Weighted Grade Categories:

Grades can be accessed 24 hours a day on the internet through Power School. All assignments receive points. The points are converted to percentages. Grades are updated at least once a week. After being graded and recorded, almost all work is returned to the student. I strongly recommend that you save all returned work in case a grading error occurs.

Daily Work / Papers & Projects

Students have English homework Monday - Thursday nights for 30 minutes. In addition, you are expected to read independently for at least 15 minutes a day. Homework is usually started in class and due the following day although long-term papers and projects are also assigned.

Assignments are given because they relate to concepts being dealt with in class. The assignments help reinforce ideas discussed or skills being developed. If you choose not to do an assignment on time, you miss an opportunity to interact with the teacher and classmates about the material being covered. Since 90% of the assignments we do are corrected and reviewed by you in class, if you don’t have your work, you miss the chance to receive feedback on what you've done, as well as a step in the sequence of learning. In addition, completed homework is one of the best ways of assessing your progress and mastery of the standards. It's a way for me to determine if you're understanding what you're supposed to be learning in class.

Daily Work: Students who do not have an assignment completed when it’s corrected in class will lose 10% for the assignment being late.

Projects & Papers: Students who do not have a project or paper completed on the day it’s due may lose 10% for each day it’s late.

Independent Reading Logs: Students are required to keep track of their reading progress and to respond to their reading on a regular basis. Indpendent Reading Logs are due at the end of each quarter.

School Supplies

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Minimum Standards

"If you can dream it, you can do it." ~Walt Disney


Independent Reading

Research has shown that children who read regularly do better in all aspects of learning. As part of your reading grade, you are expected to read 800 pages from grade appropriate books each quarter. After finishing a book, you need to enter the title and other information in an Independent Reading Log that will be turned in at the end of each quarter.

There are lots of books available for check-out in my classroom, as well as at the school and public libraries.


Absent Work

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed in class and to make-up any missing assignments or tests. You should:


Extra Help

I am available to help students before and after school Tuesday through Friday, except when I have yard duty or a meeting to attend. It's a good idea to check with me ahead of time.

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Mrs. Hatzigeorgiou