Sports Poems

Analysis of Baseball
May Swenson

It's about
the ball,
the bat,
and the mitt.
Ball hits
bat, or it
hits mitt.
Bat doesn't
hit ball, bat
meets it.
Ball bounces
off bat, flies
air, or thuds
ground (dud)
or it
fits mitt.

Bat waits
for ball
to mate.
Ball hates
to take bat's
bait. Ball
flirts, bat's
late, don't
keep the date.
Ball goes in
(thwack) to mitt,
and goes out
(thwack) back
to mitt.

Ball fits
mitt, but
not all
the time.
ball gets hit
(pow) when bat
meets it,
and sails
to a place
where mitt
has to quit
in disgrace.
That's about
the bases
about 40,000
fans exploded.

It's about
the ball,
the bat,
the mitt,
the bases
and the fans.
It's done
on a diamond,
and for fun.
It's about
home, and it's
about run.

Poem Idea #1 - Pick a sport or game that you like to play or watch, and tell us in a poem, what it's all about. Try to use lots of strong action verbs.


The Swimming Lesson
by Mary Oliver

Feeling the icy kick, the endless waves
Reaching around my life, I moved my arms
And coughed, and in the end saw land.

Somebody, I suppose
Remembering the
medieval maxim,
Had tossed me in,
Had wanted me to learn to swim,

Not knowing that none of us, who ever came back
From that long lonely fall and
frenzied rising,
Ever learned anything at all
About swimming, but only
How to put off, one by one,
Dreams and pity, love and grace--
How to survive in any place.

Poem Idea #2 - Do you remember the first time you tried to learn a sport? What was it like the first time you strapped on the snowboard or tried to swing a bat? Write a poem about your memories of that first experience.


The Skaters

Black swallows swooping or gliding
In a flurry of entangles loops and curves,
The skaters skim over the frozen river.
And the grinding click of their skates as they
upon the surface,
Is like the brushing together of thin wing-tips of

by John Gould Fletcher


by Robert Francis

Diver go down
Down through the green
inverted dawn
To the dark unseen
To the never day
The under night
Starless and steep
Deep beneath deep
Diver fall
And falling fight
Your weed-dense way
Until you crawl
Until you touch
Weird water land
And stand.

Diver come up
Up through the green
Into the light
The sun the seen
but in the clutch
Of your dripping hand
diver bring
uncouth thing
That we could swear
And would have sworn
Was never born
Or could ever be
Blaze on our sight
Make us see.

Poem Idea #3 - Using figurative language, describe a sport that you find beautiful to watch or experience.


Dick Szymanski
by Ogden Nash

The life of an offensive center
Is one that few could wish to enter
You'll not that that of Dick Szymanski
Is not all roses and romanski.
He centers the ball, he hears a roar --
Is it a fumble, or a score?
What's happening he can only wonder.
Because he's upside down, down under.
He accomplishes amazing feats.
And what gets photographed? His cleats.

Poem Idea #3 - Try to write a poem about the humorous side of a sport you enjoy.