Mrs. Hatzigeorgiou's Classroom Rules, Student Responsibilities, Policies & Procedures

Classroom Rules | Student Responsibilities | Policies and Procedures

Classroom Rules

1. Cooperate with your teacher and classmates.
2. Respect the rights and property of others.
3. Carry out your student responsibilities.

Student Responsibilities

Carrying out the following student responsibilities will help you to be successful in my class:

1. Keep track of your own books, assignments, and supplies.
2. Use class time to complete assignments.
3. Ask for help when you need it.
4. Do your own work.
5. Turn your work in on time.
6. Accept responsibility for grades or other consequences.

Policies and Procedures

1. Show respect at all times and in all manners towards yourself, your classmates, and staff. This includes all verbal and non-verbal forms of communication including body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. Sit at a 90-degree angle to your desk with your feet on the floor and good posture (spine straight).

2. Be in your seat and prepared to work when the bell rings with hats and hoodies removed. If you are not in your seat with your materials when the bell rings, you are tardy and will receive a fifteen-minute detention. Begin copying your agenda quietly as the bell stops ringing. Quietly read your Independent Reading book. When appropriate, have your assignments on your desk, ready to be checked or collected.

3. Be on task AT ALL TIMES and work to the best of your ability. This means you are to be working on whatever assignment is given with all of your concentration. If you finish an assignment early, you may quietly read or work on another assignment. There is no talking except to address the academic issue at hand.

4. There is absolutely no gum, food, drink, candy, make-up, mirrors, electronic devices, or any other distractions allowed in class. Any of these visible will be confiscated to be picked up after school. Food and drink are only allowed during designated snack times.

5. Be prepared with all papers, pens, pencils, notebooks, and any other materials required for class. Sharpen pencils, grab paper, or throw away trash before or after class. Class time is for learning.

6. Raise your hand to get permission to speak. Raising your hand does not give you permission to speak, it just lets me know you want to speak.

7. Do your own work. You will receive a zero on your assignment if you do any of the following: 1) copy another person's assignment; 2) read someone your answer so he/she can copy your work; 3) let someone copy your assignment.

8. When the bell rings, remain in your seat until you are dismissed. Clean any trash in your area whether it is yours or not. Keep all trash with you until the bell rings and throw it out on your way out of the classroom.

9. I do not argue with students. If you are told to move your seat or given any other direction you are to do so immediately and without complaint. If you feel this or any other direction is unreasonable you may arrange to discuss it with me after class or after school. Otherwise, follow all directions immediately and without complaining. Class time is for learning.

10. Any violation of these rules may be met with an in-class time-out, out-of-class time-out, lunch detention, after-school detention and/or other consequences such as copying the rules, parent conference, meeting with administration, or suspension. If you do not come to after-school detention, lunch detention will be assigned.